Tuesday, October 25, 2011

covered up...

Hi ya'll,

I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying this fall season. I'm quiet okay myself as well. I was in bed with fever for more a week and have not been able to go out much. So, now I've been more careful to carry my umbrella and a jacket with me while stepping out. You guys should do that too if you're going out for a walk on a rainy day like I did. Here are some pictures right after I got out of my sick days and I'm all covered up. I still look a bit tired but who doesn't like taking pictures? The outfit is not quite interesting but I still want to share this with you all.
Gotta have a mirror pic in my album.... with my cutie pie

Thank you all for reading. Not too interesting outfit but I hope you liked it.

Have a great day and Happy Blogging!

Lots of love :)
Black Sweater Top: Macy's
Blue Dollhouse Jeggings: Macy's
Jacket: American Eagle
Purse: Coach
Shoes: Macy's

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

spicing up my lazy laundry...

Hello lovely people,

You don't have to look great to capture the moments, you just have to feel great. Sundays are mostly my lazy laundry days and for a change I thought of utilizing the time and space in there. It wasn't planned or anything but while waiting for our laundry to get done, we started taking pictures and stuff like that so yup here they are. Please don't mind me posing with the laundries.

Thank you everyone for reading. I hope you liked it.

Have a great day and Happy Blogging!

Lots of love :)

Jeans top: Macy's
Jeggings: Forever21
Shoes: oopsi...don't know
Bag: Kohls

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it's okay to show off great times..."Happiness is true only when shared" :)

Hello everyone,

It's been few days I haven't posted anything but believe me, I logged into you guys' blog and enjoyed your posts. I was in New York for my weekend and had a blast there. We had a few drinks in a bar at the train station and then we stepped out to NY city and we had so much fun moving with the crowd there.  That night we spent most of our time at Times Square and  the next day we decided to go to the Brooklyn bridge but there was a protest going on and the roads were all blocked so we couldn't go but we still had fun walking around the China Town area. I didn't take lot of pictures because it was raining the whole time. I want to share some of my pics with you all taken this weekend in NY. Let me know what you think.
Eagerly waiting for the train to NY

Posing while the train is still on its way
This is not something to be done but we had fun taking this pic. People around us were giving looks as "what are they doing there!" It was 2 seconds before the train was there and we were scared for a while.... Please don't do this.
I love train rides :)
.....and yummmm the street food in NY are the best. We enjoyed those kababs.
awww....I love u my dear friend
The security guards there didn't let us sit on the stairs. It was raining and we had to quickly take the shots and run before they saw us standing there.
Isn't it preety? I loved this bracelet.

I love my bag, it has metallic studs and a long chain. I think it's cool.
"Happiness is true only when shared."

Gotta love the Manhattan Mall!

Cheers to a great time
ahhhh....fun :D
Too excited to see a huge Forever 21 at the Times Square
Best Buds :)
The first picture of my first step in New York City!
Thank you all for reading. I hope you liked it. I love sharing good times with all you friends.

Have a great day and Happy Blogging!

Lots of love :)
Grey Top: Macy's
Red floral Top: T.J. Maxx
Black Shorts: Express
Black Pant: Herberger's
Bracelet: Forever21
Sandal: Square One
Bag: Kohls
Sunnies: Yves Saint Laurent